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I’ve just discovered a website called Tanga. It’s primarily a website for selling T-shirts and related merchandise, but they have a section called Daily Fun consisting of puzzles. In particular, what captivates me are their One Word Wonder (OWW) puzzles, some of which are devilishly complex. What I especially like about the OWW puzzles is that they usually lack directions, so figuring out the premise of the puzzle is part of the puzzle. Others have obvious first stages, but they’re followed by metapuzzles that are far less obvious. Take heed that a favorite trick of theirs is what they jokingly call “lather, rinse, repeat”–solving a puzzle yields an intermediate result, then the same approach must be applied a second time to yield the final one-word answer. I’m not sure where the website gets its unusual name, but it’s become a running joke around our house: “Noli me tangere when I’m playing Tanga.”

Oh, and a final word of warning: although each puzzle has an entry box that immediately confirms whether your answer is correct (and, if it’s correct, provides you a full explanation of the solution), the website doesn’t post solutions for those who give up. I wasn’t kidding when I used the word “devilish” before.

UPDATE (9/19/2013): Unfortunately, Tanga has announced that they’re discontinuing the puzzle section of their website, effective 9/30/2013.
UPDATE (10/2/2013): I was hoping they’d keep an archive of the old puzzles, but they didn’t, so I’ve removed the hyperlink because there’s no reason to visit Tanga anymore.