Today was a perfect day for outdoor fun, so we printed out directions for six letterboxes in Bellevue, packed a picnic lunch, and headed out for our expedition.  It was a fun day, but it was rather frustrating that only two of the six letterboxes were still in place.  I can understand that people move away or otherwise stop maintaining their boxes, but in that case it would be nice to remove them from the website so people don’t get their hopes up looking for them.  Over the course of the day, we discussed ideas for letterboxes we might like to place, and we developed some promising ideas, including referencing the landmarks in various languages (such as Latin quercus for oak or French pierre for rock), phrasing the clues in limericks, and using math problems to provide key numbers such as how many paces to walk or how many degrees to turn.  We wouldn’t do all of those for the same letterbox, of course.  Nonetheless, we may incorporate some of these into future boxes.