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My name is Jim, and I’m a deacon at St. George’s Church, not too far from Seattle, Washington.  I’m an avid reader and a collector of miscellaneous facts, but because my wife has forbidden me from inflicting these facts on her, I’ve decided to inflict them on the world at large instead. You’ve been warned! (And yes, I’m married; it’s fine because I was married before I was called to the diaconate, so by canon law I’m permitted to stay married.)

As for my blog name, I’m a deacon rather than a vicar, but many years ago I was jokingly introduced to a church group as “Jim the zany vicar,” and the nickname stuck. My zaniness sometimes manifests itself in a curious outlook on language, religion, folklore, symbolism, and the various intersections thereof, but rest assured that I’m quite harmless.  Besides, it’s a blog, so you can hit the big red X in the upper-right corner of the browser window anytime you like.